Specialty Products & Devices

Air Motors & Gear Reduced Air Motors

  • Vane Type Lubricated & Non-Lubricated

Air Receiver Tanks

  • Horizontal, Vertical

Air Volume Tanks

  • Miniature

Automatic Feed Drills

  • Pneumatic Drive
  • Electric Drive
  • Dwell, Remote Signal

Automatic Tapping Units

  • Pneumatic Drive 

Energy Absorbing Devices

  • Industrial Shock Absorbers
  • Industrial Air Springs
  • Linear Dampeners
  • Wire Rope Vibrations Isolators 


  • Parallel
  • Angular

Hydraulic Lift Jacks and Manual Pumps

Linear Positioning Devices

  • Electric AC / DC Drive 

Multi-Motion Multi-Axis Devices

  • Pneumatic
  • Electric 

Proximity Sensing

  • Pneumatic
  • Electric

Rotary Actuators

  • Pneumatic Zero Backlash 

Rotary Indexing Tables

  • Pneumatic Multi-Station

Threading Machines

  • Hydraulic Auto Threading

Manufacturers of Specialty Products & Devices

AAA Products, Intl.
  • AAA Products Robust Construction Directional Control Air Valves, ¼” through 2” NPT"
  • AAA Products Hydraulic Powered Precision Drilling and Tapping Systems.

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Universal Mount Air Cylinders, Hydraulic Check Air Cylinders, Valve-In-Head Cylinders, Rotary Index Tables

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Barrington Automation

Precision Pneumatic Grippers, Linear Actuators, Pick and Place Units, Multi-Axis Motion Devices

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Energy Absorption Products. Shock Absorbers, Rate Control Devices, Dampeners, Air Springs, Wire Rope Isolators

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Gast Manufacturing, Inc.

Air Compressors, Vacuum Pumps and Generators, Regenerative Blowers, and Air Motors

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Featured Product

Featured Product

The new Sound Shield from Gast Manufacturing is the only technology of its kind. It significantly reduces sound levels and perceived loudness of the Gast 86R & 87R families of pumps and compressors without affecting their performance. By dampening equipment pump noise,
Sound Shield creates a quieter, more pleasant working environment — increasing user comfort and productivity.

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Merriman Products

Pneumatic Inflation Bladders for Short Stroke High Compression Applications

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NGT Specialty Valves

Specialty high quality valve products that include pilot operated check valves, dual pilot operated check valves, vacuum blocking valves, and counter balance valves.

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Rockford Air Devices

NFPA and Compact Square Head Version Air Cylinders, Pressure Intensifiers, Boosters, and Air-Over-Oil Tanks

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Star Hydraulics

Standard and Custom Hydraulic Pumps, Lift Jacks, Cylinders, and Pneumatic Cylinders

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UCI  (Universal Components)

Manual and Power Actuated Ball, Globe, and Angle Seat Valves, Relief Valves, Check Valves, Strainers, Mufflers, and Gauges.

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